What’s the key to surviving as a cyber-security start-up?

A unique product, ample funding and strong partnerships are just three key ingredients you’ll need if your cyber-security start-up is to survive and thrive.

It’s always a gamble to establish a start-up, but if you were to choose any sector where you’d fancy your chances of success, it would surely be cybersecurity.

After all, the cybersecurity market is estimated to grow to $224.48 billion by 2022, according to Statistics MRC, while CB Insights reports that venture capitalists (VC) invested $3.1 billion in a record 279 cyber-security start-ups last year, a far cry from the $833 million invested in 117 firms in 2010.

Some notable companies have emerged in this time, Cloudflare, Tanium and Zscaler each raising $100 million or more, while specialized security VC funds and accelerators have appeared too.

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