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Cultivating a cyber awareness culture

July 27, 2021

The Panaseer Team

Today’s columnist, Charaka Goonatilake of Panaseer writes about how companies must create a security culture to better protect the organization from human error, which the Verizon data breach report points out is one of the leading causes of cyberattacks.

For several years cyber awareness was considered a regulation-required, tick-box exercise of secondary importance. It often felt like a chore—or worse, an activity that got in the way of people doing their day jobs. However, the “human element” has become a real and growing area of cyber risk – and that’s why we need to get it into the spotlight and ensure that cultivating a cyber awareness culture becomes a strategic priority.

Look at the numbers. Some studies trace 90% of cyberattacks to human error. Last year, Verizon’s data breaches report showed that human error was the only factor with year-over-year increases in reported incidents…

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