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Panaseer Launches Continuous Business Risk Perspectives

February 24, 2020

The Panaseer Team

This is solving one of the biggest challenges in security today – trusted and timely business context into an organisation’s technology risk. For the first time, enterprises will be able to continuously monitor total security risk, segmented to critical operations. Panaseer’s customers can now use its platform to understand their security risk for any business function and process.

The ability to continuously view risk across all security areas and asset types, personalised for any stakeholder, business process, or business function, paves the way for effective prioritisation and remediation of an organisation’s most critical risks. Views can be seen and reported within any preferred security framework, such as NIST and CIS.

McKinsey’s report, ‘Perspectives on transforming cybersecurity’ outlines that identifying business value and context as it relates to a process or function is a key guiding principle to enable organisations to take a unified approach to prioritising digital assets and risk. The report states, “The CISO’s team, particularly when it is part of the IT organisation, tends to begin with a list of applications, systems, and databases, and then develop a view of risks. There are two major flaws to this approach.

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