From demo to implementation

We’ve made our onboarding process as seamless as possible for our customers. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our onboarding process, please contact us at

  • Sample data
  • Demo metrics, insights and dashboards


Once we understand the use cases you have in mind, we use sample data to demonstrate how our platform could help you achieve your goals.

  • Client data
  • Real metrics, insights and dashboards in line with your use cases

Proof of Concept

We then connect to your data sources to produce metrics, insights and dashboards that are in line with your use cases. As well as demonstrating the platform’s capabilities, we will often identify previously unknown vulnerabilities or unmanaged assets at this stage.

  • Client data
  • Real metrics, insights and dashboards in line with your use cases
  • Training
  • Support
  • Implementation and maintenance services


Following a successful PoC, your Panaseer environment is ready to go live. We can also help you plan additional use cases, provide training on how to use the platform and offer access to our support team.

Proof of Concept process

We conduct detailed scoping sessions to find the best approach to meet your use cases. Once the Proof of Concept and technical scopes have been agreed, we can kick off the four-week Proof of Concept period.

Your Panaseer PoC can deliver value for a variety of stakeholders, including:

  • CISO
  • BISO
  • Security Control Managers
  • Security Analysts
  • IT Analysts
Proof of Concept process


Panaseer has allowed us to gain the insight we need into our security controls to always know whether they're adequately deployed and operating effectively.
Rob Hyde - Ciso, Schroders

See what you’re missing

See what you’re missing

Schedule a 30-minute demo to find out how Panaseer can help you improve your cybersecurity posture and regulatory exposure by:

  • Uncovering previously unknown assets and missing controls
  • Prioritising vulnerabilities based on business impact
  • Reducing the time your team spends on manual reporting
  • Aligning metrics to any security framework
  • Substantiating regulatory compliance

Request a demo

Request a demo