Protecting and enhancing value over time

Board of Directors

Nik Whitfield

Founder of Team Panaseer. A computer scientist and security technology entrepreneur, Nik has built advanced cyber security monitoring platforms for the world’s most prominent commercial organisations. He’s worked for over a decade with CISOs of global firms in the US and UK, building behavioural analytics and threat intelligence management tools.

Albert Plattner

The numbers guy. Al has over 20 years experience in banking and finance; before Panaseer, he was Managing Director at Citigroup Corporate & Investment Bank where he ran EMEA Structured Investment Sales. His 20 year experience at Citi spanned technology, derivative trading and structured investment products and solutions.

James Doggett

Leading information security practice at EY, Jim developed a deep understanding of the intersection of controls, risk and cybersecurity. After leaving EY, Jim was CTRO at JP Morgan, Kaiser Permanente and AIG. In each of these roles, Jim focused on automating the control processes over IT and Security, consolidation of all security-related issues into a single view of security, and the elimination of testing the same controls multiple times.

Advisory Board Members

Doug Graham

Doug Graham

Doug is a technology strategist in cyber security. He brings a wealth of experience covering technology startups such as Mozy through to technology giants like EMC. Doug enjoys a peaceful life in Boston.

Steve Miccalef

Steve Micallef

Steve is both a visionary and hands on security technologist. He lives in Zurich and runs security for a mobile banking startup. Steve brings experience of managing cyber security in major corporations such as UBS.

Raffael Marty

Raffael Marty

Raffy is a cybertech startup CEO and globetrotting resident of San Francisco. He brings experience from roles at major cyber tech firms, and is a world recognised leader in Big Data security visualisation.

Will Neale

Will Neale

Will is the enterprising founder of two excellent digital start-ups, Grabyo and Fonix. He brings amazing first hand experience of creating, leading and growing businesses. Will is based in London.