See the risks. Take control.

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See the risks. Take control.

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The insight you need to take action

The Panaseer Platform is a cyber-security intelligence platform which operates at the intersection of risk and security – the first of its kind to offer the breadth and depth of insight that’s required to take a proactive risk-based control of your cyber security programmes.


You can never be 100% secure, but you can be 100% sure of your position

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Cut out manual processing and unlock information silos with the Platform's plug-and-play data connectors.


Get an accurate status report of Risk and Cyber Hygiene, looking Enterprise-wide, at regional level or down to a single device.


Make informed decisions and produce accurate reports, with role-specific perspectives on digital risk, performance and remediation.


Prioritise activity to generate the best return on investment and run campaigns through the Platform to drive improvement.

Strategic partnerships that accelerate business growth

Is your cybersecurity strategy aligned to your Risk Appetite?

If you haven’t worked out your Risk Appetite, protected yourself accordingly and done everything in your power to avoid risk in the first place, you will be overspending when a breach or cyber-incident happens. In this insights paper we’ve covered 5 points to consider to avoid this scenario.

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