The Truth in Security

Improve your cybersecurity posture with Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) across all devices, applications, people and data.

Panaseer engineering team

Effective Risk Reduction 

Panaseer arms security teams with business process metrics aligned to any security framework by automatically creating trusted inventories and identifying gaps in security controls.

Establish Your Security Truth

Get complete visibility on assets, security controls deployed and gaps in security controls coverage

Quick Time to Value

Purpose built with out of the box reporting and data connectors

Reduce Risk

Effectively identify risk, prioritise remediation efforts and monitor progress with campaigns

Enhance Security RoI

Validate your existing control investments are being applied to all assets

Unlock a value multiplier on your existing security tools

Strategic Partnerships

Briefing: At the Intersection of Risk and Security

Is Your Cybersecurity Strategy Aligned To Your Risk Appetite?

If you haven’t worked out your Risk Appetite, protected yourself accordingly and done everything in your power to avoid risk in the first place, you will be overspending when a breach or cyber-incident happens. In this insights paper we’ve covered 5 points to consider to avoid this scenario.

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Answer the fundamental cybersecurity questions with confidence and control

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