Confidence and Control

Panaseer  is the  first  Continuous Controls Monitoring platform to give CISOs visibility of all assets and confidence that their security controls are working effectively.

Panaseer engineering team

Giving CISOs a Trusted, Unified View of Assets and Controls

Deployed by major financial institutions in the US and UK, the Panaseer platform unlocks a value multiplier on existing security investments. It gives CISOs and security teams a trusted, unified view across business lines, regions and technology platforms and empowers them to implement and measure effective cybersecurity risk reduction programmes. 

Trusted Data

Focus on prioritising actions you should take to reduce risk, instead of focusing on whether the data you have is right.

Complete Visibility

Get an understanding on what’s going on across business lines, regions and even devices, to identify areas of greatest cyber risk and highest return.

Actionable Insight

Move from being reactive and unable to answer questions, to proactive and having the right answers at the right time.

Increased RoI

Gain more value from poorly deployed and siloed security tools and reduce time spent on manual reports and audits.

Unlock a value multiplier on your existing security tools

Strategic Partnerships

Briefing: At the Intersection of Risk and Security

Is Your Cybersecurity Strategy Aligned To Your Risk Appetite?

If you haven’t worked out your Risk Appetite, protected yourself accordingly and done everything in your power to avoid risk in the first place, you will be overspending when a breach or cyber-incident happens. In this insights paper we’ve covered 5 points to consider to avoid this scenario.

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