From former astrophysicists to ballet dancers, our Seers are a diverse and global team of engineers, data scientists and domain experts who are changing the face of enterprise security.

Why do we call ourselves ‘Seers‘? The name comes from our company name:
panacea /ˌpanəˈsiːə/ – a solution or remedy for all difficulties
seer /ˈsiːə,sɪə/ a person of supernatural insight who sees visions of the future

Our Values

Our values are central to who we are as a company, how we treat one another and the decisions that we make.

We want everyone at Panaseer to feel empowered to be authentically themselves, engage their curiosity and work together to create something truly unique.


Our Culture

Have fun

Our team enjoys a buzzing social calendar! We have Donut catch ups, Snack Time Show and Tell, Friday Panacheers, games nights and more.

Have fun
Have fun
Feel good
Feel good

We have a duty to care to ourselves and each other. We offer 1:1 mental health coaching and weekly HIIT classes to help look after our emotional and physical well-being.

Feel good
Be included

Diverse teams are stronger and better for their differences. We work hard to create an inclusive environment where everybody has the opportunity to thrive.

Be included
Be included
Work together
Work together

We dream big but stay humble. Everyone in our team is valued and everyone’s opinion and contribution counts.

Work together

Life at Panaseer

We believe that people can love where they work and that successful businesses are fuelled by great company cultures. That is why our core values are founded on what it means to be a good human being. Panaseer is a compassionate company and we value authentic, low ego leaders who commit, deliver and take personal responsibility for the success of our organisation.

Employee Stories

Data Scientist

“My background is Pure Mathematics and dancing – in particular choreography, ballet and release style contemporary. I met the Panaseer team at Silicon Milkroundabout and was inspired by the company’s mission and attitude.

“I joined the data science team in February 2018 and have seen the company grow and mature during that time, with the culture remaining as spirited as when I first joined. Opportunities to learn and take on challenges are plentiful, the job is seldom repetitive and the culture is one of support and encouragement.”

Senior Product Manager

“My degree was in Psychology, but once I started working in software I was hooked! I spent the first 11 years of my career working in open source software, and learned the power of usability research. From there I moved on to data and analytics products, and became engrossed in figuring out the best way to tell a story with data.

“I joined Panaseer in 2018. Rarely have I worked for a company with such a passion for both their people and their product. The team here are incredibly talented, and focused on getting the experience right for our customers. In addition to improving the product for our customers, working in a start up means that I also have the chance to improve the way we work and the company overall.”

Customer Success

“I used to work for a large healthcare software company. I left a year ago in search of a role that would challenge me to develop both my technical and non-technical skills.

“I now work on the Customer Success team at Panaseer. I love being part of a startup because there are so many opportunities to make an immediate impact. Working directly with customers and delivering results that produce that “wow!” moment is what makes my job most rewarding.”

Operations Manager

“I used to work in the events industry. It was a really fast-paced environment and while I learnt a lot in my time there, I wanted something more personal where I could build long-term relationships and make a lasting impact. More than anything, I was searching for a team whose principles and values reflected my own.

“I joined Panaseer as the Office and Operations Manager and PA to the CEO. I get to look after everyone in the team, organise activities and ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations. I have a great work-life balance and I know that my contributions are appreciated. I am proud to be part of this amazing team and feel energised and most of all, empowered to help shape its culture.”

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