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We help to protect the critical services and data that we all rely on.

In 2014, Nik Whitfield and the founding team realized that most enterprises weren’t able to accurately measure their security posture. Unlike a financial department, which can track the movement of every dollar, security were rarely able to attain that level of visibility.

This means the organizations and services society relies on are at constant risk from cyber threats. To solve this problem, the team built Panaseer – the industry’s first Continuous Controls Monitoring platform focused on helping organizations truly understand and manage their security posture.

But Panaseer isn’t just a cybersecurity data analytics platform or a company. It’s a dedicated team from all over the world, who collaborate towards a shared goal: to help protect the critical services and data we all rely on.

We want to help minimize cybersecurity risks, so organizations have the proper safeguards in place, working optimally, that help stop any preventable security breaches.

Jonathan Gill, CEO of Panaseer

Panaseer helps stop preventable breaches. The industry’s first Continuous Controls Monitoring platform for enterprise security enables teams to improve their security posture; automate security metrics, measurement and reporting; and help companies get the most out of their investment in people, tools and processes.

Jonathan Gill, CEO of Panaseer
Jonathan Gill, CEO of Panaseer
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We’re a global team

We’re a global team

Nik and the founders started the Panaseer journey in Surrey, England. Since then, we’ve expanded into offices in London and New York. But since March 2020 we’ve been fully remote, with hubs for co-working and social gatherings across the UK and US.


Panaseer has experienced rapid growth and taken total funding of $43 million from investors including AllegisCyber Capital, Notion Capital, AlbionVC, Cisco Investments, National Grid Partners, Paladin Capital Group, and Evolution Equity. Our pioneering approach to security measurement has seen us recognized as an inaugural vendor in two Gartner Hype Cycles for Risk Management and Network Security.

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