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Seer Summit 2024: bringing the team together in a remote working environment

March 28, 2024


This year, we held our inaugural Seer Summit, a three-day event held in the UK where team members from all regions were brought together to collaborate, strategize, and most importantly, socialize!

The theme for the Summit this year was “climbing the mountain”, which was a focus throughout the week across strategy sessions led by our CEO, Jonathan Gill. There was a plethora of different activities, including cross-functional sessions, celebrating accomplishments, customer stories, and some more light-hearted team building such as a casino night and table tennis tournament.

Being a remote-first company, the opportunity to bring everyone together can be challenging, but when the chance comes around, it creates a distinctive energy and optimism.

Anton von Borries, an Engineering Lead at Panaseer , highlighted “you use those interactions that you have in person to have higher quality conversations you then capitalize on during the remote times.”

This was a really exciting week for me personally, as I was returning to work after maternity leave. It was a unique chance to get up to speed with what has been going on and where we are heading on our journey as a business.

Hearing customer stories

Helping our customers is at the heart of what we do. We were excited to welcome several customers to the Summit as they took part in fireside chats and panel discussions. It can be so uplifting to hear how we are achieving that goal when they tell us in person how transformative Panaseer is to their day-to-day work.

“It’s about relationships… we trusted the people behind Panaseer from the get-go.”

These customers ranged from CISOs who have backed Panaseer from inception to Analysts who are champions for Panaseer at their organization. It has been really inspiring to hear that the people aspect of Panaseer is so key to customer’s success and I found this an invaluable part of the sessions.

Cross functional collaboration

During the week there were many opportunities to collaborate with one another. Part of this was the extensive cross-functional sessions organized, where we had the chance to hear from team leaders in the following topics:

  • SaaS KPIs
  • Panaseer Academy
  • Market intelligence
  • Creating unique stories
  • Metrics and modules

This gave everyone across Panaseer a chance to get involved in projects and initiatives they may have not heard of or been directly involved in before. I joined in on the SaaS KPIs session led by finance, which gave a great picture into the nature of investing in start-ups and what targets we have to meet to keep growing as a business, as well as a cocktail hour to get people excited about all things numbers!

Another session I took part in, the Panaseer Academy session, really highlighted how we can all get involved in different aspects of building upon our customer community. It’s been great to hear where we have got so far and to get ideas from all aspects of the business.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the forefront

A highlight for me was the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) empowerment panel. It was inspiring hearing from other women in the company on how to empower themselves and others, and how they overcame adversity in the workplace.

Marie Wilcox, VP of Marketing, also highlighted how the path to achieving empowerment in the workplace has changed, and is improving over time. Something she channels in her leadership is allowing team members to be independent as “empowerment comes from trust. If you trust your team to do their jobs, naturally they will feel more empowered”.

Our values are core to who we are

Throughout the Summit, we all took time to reflect on the Panaseer values and what they each mean to us individually. It’s been a real driver for many to join the company as Seers, as well as customers also relating to the values themselves.

It was great to physically see and read our values boards during the sessions and hear what they each mean to one another.

Image © 2024 Beaucroft Ltd

The social side of the week was crucial to the team having a positive experience. This would not have been made possible if it weren’t for our amazing MCs Frankie Black and Gagan Tandon, who brought another level of energy to the week that couldn’t be matched!

Want to find out more about working at Panaseer? Visit our Company page or Workable page to see what opportunities are available within the team today!