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Getting visibility in the cloud

January 14, 2020

The Panaseer Team

The last five years has seen a marked shift towards the adoption of cloud services. Due to scalability and cost benefits, IDC forecasts that by 2020 more than 90 percent of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms. But whereas there may be a host of benefits, it also brings challenges in spades, with the key issue revolving around visibility. It’s difficult for security teams to stay on top of identifying assets, control coverage gaps and preventing unauthorised access in the cloud.

A cloud environment should be easier to manage, in theory. As everything is software it should be relatively easy to achieve uniformity across the various cloud infrastructures. After all, servers, networks and containers should all be built up through automated Continuous Delivery pipelines, based on code and configuration.

The reality is far different. Because it is so easy to spin up large infrastructures, at scale, organisations are increasing their attack surface at an unprecedented rate through automation mechanisms.

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