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Head of Client Operations Announced at Panaseer

April 10, 2015

Sophie Harrison

We are delighted to announce Sophie Harrison as the latest team member to join the growing team at Panaseer. Formerly BAE Systems, Sophie has spent the last six years working in the defence and technology space.

“I’m not your typical cyber-techie but I’ve found that the ever-evolving nature of the threat, and therefore, the way that new technologies and approaches must respond, creates scope for a fast-paced environment in which to do business, and this suits me well.”

Sophie is excited to see what new challenges life at Panaseer will bring.

“Going from multinational corporate to startup mode means a complete shift in mentality, with a culture of innovation driving everything here. It’s exhilarating being able to invent, implement and see changes happen quickly, and I’m looking forward to doing this alongside awesome people who share the same values.”

Sophie is a welcome asset to the Panaseer team. Known amongst her colleagues for her pencil straightening (she prefers, ‘organisational’) skills, she brings co-ordination and order to the team and the work that we’re doing.

When she’s not ensconced in colour coding Sophie enjoys scuba diving and drinking gin, not necessarily in that order – and not always at the same time.

Welcome Sophie!