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An insight into industry’s opportunity for proactive security

October 01, 2018

Sophie Harrison

Panaseer, a cyber-security software company that enables organisations to become ‘Cyber-Security Risk’ Intelligent, commissioned the analysis to get insight into industry opportunity for proactive security – as well as the key hurdles that organisations need to overcome to successfully shift their strategies. These were identified as:

1. A profusion of tools and data that complicates – and too often, frustrates – an effective strategy;
2. An over-reliance on people to resolve security issues, and the unsustainable business model it represents;
3. A “one size fits all” mentality that leads to tools and processes insufficiently flexible to serve real-world people and processes – and too often leaves security poorly aligned with business realties;
4. Lopsided investments in reactive measures that too often result from these failures.

You can download the report Proactive Security Pathfinder Report or read more about it in this article by Global Security Mag.