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Panaseer Appoints Big Data Ace as Chief Technology Officer

February 25, 2015

Sophie Harrison

Panaseer is delighted to announce the appointment of big data ace, Charaka Goonatilake as Chief Technology Officer and the next big thing to hit Panaseer labs.

Charaka has spent the last 5 years engineering and building Hadoop-based security analytics applications to detect Cyber threats.
The former BAE Systems engineering team lead says,

“Having had hands-on experience of making Hadoop work in the enterprise, I used these expertise to engage customers and derive insights from their big data.”

Charaka has built and maintained a broad spectrum of big data infrastructure, systems and applications for BAE Systems’ services and products, and he’s now looking forward to his new assignment with Panaseer.

“There’s a largely untapped opportunity for big data to ignite innovation in cyber security. I’ve seen first-hand the value big data can bring to cyber threat detection and incident response, and there is definite potential to further exploit this data to derive insight across the entire security organization. The timing is right as the big data technology enablers are seeing rapid growth in capability and usability. These platforms are finally reaching the maturity required for adoption in the enterprise. I’ve been given the opportunity to work with a high-calibre team to fundamentally change security for the better, and I’m thrilled to be joining Panaseer on this exciting journey!”

Outside of work Charaka enjoys tinkering with technology on home electronics projects building gadgets with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis.
He’s also our resident photographer and loves taking snaps whilst holidaying in exotic locations.

Welcome Charaka!