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Panaseer expert on how automation reduces complexity for CISOs

November 29, 2019

The Panaseer Team

CISOs are currently suffering with compliance reporting overload. This is because organisations are subject to three critical market forces, which are fundamentally changing the cybersecurity sector.

The first is that cloud and IoT technologies are significantly expanding and changing the surface that requires monitoring. The second is that regulatory mandates, such as GDPR, the SHIELD Act and the California Consumer Privacy Act, are increasing reporting requirements. Lastly, there is a skills shortage and security personnel are becoming scarcer.

To counter this, budgets and tools are on the increase. Analyst firm IDC expects organisations’ worldwide spending on security hardware, software and services in 2019 to increase 9.4% increase over last year. Spending will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2%, IDC said, and will top US$133 billion in 2022.

Research we conducted last year unveiled that the average enterprise CISO is running 57 separate security tools. Over a quarter (27%) claimed to be running a staggering 76+ discrete security products. Also, in our experience, major regulated companies such are banks are running 200 tools and more, and that this number is increasing.

So, we have an increasing attack surface, increasing reporting requirements and a major skills shortage. That’s why CISOs and their teams are suffering the tooling overload. But is this effective?

You can read the full article at Intelligent CISO.