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Patching the infosec skills shortage

October 27, 2016

Leila Powell

With the number of data breaches skyrocketing in recent years, and an increase in high profile hacks dominating the headlines, there is growing concern about the impending shortage of infosec professionals required to meet increasing needs.

So ask yourself this: as this skills crisis looms large why is half the global population still so massively underrepresented? And could it be that the skills gap is a problem of our own making?

The lack of women in tech is a well-documented issue. It’s been talked about for so long, however, that you may well a) assume it must be well on its way to being fixed, or b) have become so tired of hearing about it, that you are desensitised to the topic. The fact is, there’s a whole host of reasons this topic should still be a major area of concern for everyone in tech; from a simple belief in equality (which sadly doesn’t seem to be enough to drive widespread change) to more capitalist concerns (which probably will).

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