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Panaseer CEO on overcoming barriers to achieve proactive cybersecurity

October 23, 2018

Martina Molinari

The last decade has seen a huge surge in cyber-defence technologies. Like an arms race, with every increasing or new threat organisations layer on a new solution or product hoping to create a blanket of cover thick enough to keep the bad guys out.

They then sit, wait, monitor, hope to detect something bad as quickly as possible and finally react when a discovery of something happens. However, collectively we have now reached a point where this just doesn’t work as it is no longer an effective approach.

It is an outdated equation where you will never have enough resources to respond to the ever-evolving intelligent adversary and with most business taking on average about 197 days to detect a breach on their network, the analogy of ‘shutting the gate after the horse has bolted’ springs to mind.

If you are to stand a genuine chance of combatting threats successfully and addressing the myriad of compliance issues facing all industries, you need a different playbook. With limited budgets and resources, and demands for insight and proof, organisations must move from firefighting i.e. monitor, detect, react to fireproofing i.e. prepare and protect, developing a robust, proactive cyber strategy.

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