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Putting Security at the Heart of Digital Transformation

November 07, 2018

Martina Molinari

In his latest article for Infosecurity Magazine, our VP of Product and Chief Scientist, Mike MacIntyre explains why digital transformation represents an opportunity to step back and align security needs and risk appetites with those of the business.

Digital Transformation has been a “cool” industry term for the last number of years. However, even if it wasn’t, in this digital age surely even the most cautious of businesses are starting to recognize the financial, operational and productive implications of digitally streamlining their systems, processes and customer engagements?

The problem is, as, with most things in tech, when something sounds obvious, it invariably isn’t to deliver. As such, the result is that many a ‘digital transformation’ has slipped into what some call a ‘digital makeover’ – a nebulous concept of doing “surface digital” that is difficult for security teams to prepare for or deliver against.

The key is to step back and view digital transformation as a journey to gaining operational and technical agility, via adapting to the changes happening around us. As organizations gain more agility and adapt to increasing demands of the digital economy and the connected customer, it’s imperative that security is not just invited along on the journey – but is strategically placed at the heart of the transformation. The result means changing the way organizations approach security.

You can read the full article here: Putting Security at the Heart of Digital Transformation.