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Organisations must shift their security strategy from firefighting to fireproofing

October 01, 2018

Sophie Harrison

This article by Global Banking & Finance Review discusses a recent report by 451 Research and commissioned by cybersecurity company Panaseer.

Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security, 451 Research says: “Advances in data gathering, rationalisation, analytics and automation have made a proactive security strategy more actionable now than ever before. Organisational infrastructures are becoming more complex as billions of smart devices coupled with a growing diversity of technologies demands an approach that can scale. Adversaries, too, recognise how their strategies must adapt. The risks are too great to ignore. The technology is available; the time is now to take action – before organisations become even more overwhelmed with what may face them tomorrow.”

Read the full Proactive Security Pathfinder whitepaper, which outlines how organisations can overcome four key obstacles to enable, effective preparation and protection.