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What is data science and how much can you earn as a data scientist?

January 20, 2020

The Panaseer Team

Data, data, data. As our lives get ever more entwined into the world of digital, so the importance of data skyrockets: the importance of acquiring it, storing it and – crucially – interpreting it. In fact, last year reports abound that so important is data to us now, it has become a more valuable resource than oil…

And while that may remain open to debate, it highlights the inescapable truth that data is crucial to everyday life.

So, if you are thinking about a career change – or looking to start your first – what’s stopping you from considering data science?

“I didn’t decide that I wanted to be a data scientist until a few months before I started working as one,” says Thordis Thorsteins, security data scientist at cyber company Panaseer. “[I] found that skills that I’d gathered through other experiences were very applicable.”

Then there’s the money – it can be a highly lucrative field to work in. Glassdoor, for instance, lists ‘Data Scientist’ as one of its best jobs for 2020, citing the median base salary as £45,188.

Interest sufficiently piqued?

Thordis tells the Evening Standard what data science is and how you can make an entrance.