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Why cloud security needs to become your top priority

September 18, 2019

Charaka Goonatilake

As the adoption of cloud technology surges, protecting organisations against evolving threats on internet-facing infrastructure has never been more critical.

Multiple benefits of cloud computing make the disruption of digital transformation worthwhile, business leaders are assured. However, a recent torrent of automated attacks on cloud infrastructure’s vulnerabilities has precipitated a somewhat gloomy outlook, raining on the cloud’s silver lining.

Charaka Goonatilake, chief technology officer of Panaseer, “What’s different in the cloud era is the ease with which exploitable software can be spun up and exposed to the world on the internet,” he says.

“Vulnerability search engines, such as Shodan, continually trawl the internet for these exploitable weaknesses and make it effortless to identify masses of targets to attack. Combined with the fact that highly sophisticated malware, such as Xbash, is readily available off the shelf, makes for a very low barrier for nefarious actors to carry out lucrative attacks from the comfort of their own homes.”

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