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Is Data Science the Key to Cybersecurity?

February 26, 2018

The Panaseer Team

In this special guest feature, Mike MacIntyre, Chief Scientist at Panaseer discusses where data science comes in with respect to cybersecurity. With the correct data, CISOs can translate technical risk into business risk, deliver a business case to solve it and demonstrate success. The current struggle is that CISOs have information that is meaningful but not timely, or it is timely but not meaningful because the content is too technical and siloed. What they really need is data that will enable them to market and measure the security program. Mike and his team create and apply advanced data science, computational and analytical techniques to deliver high value, actionable insights for Chief Security Information Officers and Security Control Managers at large enterprises. Prior to being part of the founding team of Panaseer in 2014, Mike worked for six years at BAE Systems, most recently in the Applied Intelligence department as the Head of Cyber Threat Detection in the CyberReveal division. He also holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics.

Ultimately data science is enabling the cyber-security sector to move from assumption to facts. For the last decade the cybersecurity sector has been driven by FUD concerns – fear, uncertainty and doubt. Spend on cybersecurity was justified by the rationale that ‘if we don’t have XYZ widget then you only have yourselves to blame when bad stuff happens.”

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