Enterprise IT environments have become fragmented and decentralised

IT teams are responsible for the smooth operation and management of IT infrastructure and enforcement of IT and information security policies.

But the many different teams, tools and technologies involved and the difficulty in aligning devices, applications, people, accounts and databases to critical business processes have made it almost impossible to do this effectively.

This leaves IT teams struggling to keep their CMDBs complete, enforce policies, tackle coverage gaps, roll out patches based on priority and supply security with the data they need.

Panaseer provides complete visibility of assets for control assurance, policy enforcement and business-aligned IT operations

Panaseer gives your IT team a complete, unified inventory of your IT infrastructure, across devices, applications, people, accounts and databases, both on-prem and in the cloud.

This helps identify controls coverage gaps, understand toxic combinations and high-value targets, enforce internal policy compliance, ensure IT operations such as patch rollouts are prioritised, while also helping you trigger and manage remedial actions.

How does CCM bridge the IT and security gap?

Knowing all assets associated to mission-critical business processes will help IT and security teams work cohesively to execute IT operations such as patch roll outs and prioritise remedial efforts.

Disputes over the accuracy or inaccuracy of data are one of the reasons why Security and IT can struggle to work together.

By providing a single source of trusted insights, along with business context for IT and Security teams to refer to, Panaseer makes it easier for both sides to agree on their current status and what needs to be done.

How does Continuous Controls Monitoring work?

CCM automatically and continuously consumes data from sources across your security, IT and business systems. 

By unifying that data, it can identify previously unknown or unmanaged assets and control coverage gaps in real time, helping you to build a comprehensive asset inventory.

How does Continuous Controls Monitoring work?

How does CCM support IT teams?

  • Get visibility into assets across devices, applications, people and data 
  • Discover unknown assets that were missing from some or all systems
  • Establish a single source of truth to bridge the IT and security gap
  • Check whether security controls are deployed across all assets
  • Identify and isolate all assets related to business-critical parts of your organisations
  • Enforce IT and information security policies
  • Combine and correlate multiple security domains to help surface key risk indicators
  • Get deep insights on toxic combinations and high value targets 
  • Utilise business context to prioritise patch roll outs and for effective risk remediation
  • Monitor deployment of new tools and software across your organisation
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“55% of organisations have more than 50 tools. 89% of large enterprises have concerns based on lack of visibility and insight into trusted data.”

Demonstrate the value of IT investments

Ensure that IT and security tools are being used to their full potential.

Align IT operations to critical business processes

IT operations such as patch rollouts, remediation efforts can be prioritised for mission-critical processes and functions.

Understand toxic combinations and high-value targets

Join data points from multiple security domains to help surface key risk indicators.


See what you’re missing

See what you’re missing

Schedule a 30-minute demo to find out how Panaseer can help you improve your cybersecurity posture and regulatory exposure by:

  • Uncovering previously unknown assets and missing controls
  • Prioritising vulnerabilities based on business impact
  • Reducing the time your team spends on manual reporting
  • Aligning metrics to any security framework
  • Substantiating regulatory compliance

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