IT teams have gaps in their inventory which can be exploited by threat actors.

Inventories or CMDBs that rely on agents, probes, scanners or being manually updated will never be complete. Which means that you can never be confidently secure.

Panaseer builds a complete and accurate inventory of all IT assets.

Panaseer triangulates assets and reconciles inventories across multiple tools.

This shows you every asset that every tool can see. This view can be segmented, categorised and used as a single source of truth across your organisation, from IT, to security, to audit and compliance.

By reconciling all of your IT asset data into one place, Panaseer breaks down information silos and increases the ROI and effectiveness of your IT investments.

How does CCM improve IT asset visibility?

  • Consolidate and reconcile data from your existing tools so you can see everything in one place
  • Discover unknown assets that were missing from some or all systems
  • Get visibility into assets across devices, applications, people and data 
  • Check whether security controls are deployed across all assets
  • Monitor deployment of new tools and software across your organisation

How does CCM work?

How does CCM work?

CCM automatically and continuously consumes data from sources across your security, IT and business systems. 

By unifying that data, it can identify previously unknown or unmanaged assets and control coverage gaps in real time, helping you to build a comprehensive asset inventory.

How does CCM support IT teams?

It gives you a single view where you can see all of your IT assets and reduces the likelihood of there being unknown or unmanaged assets on your network.

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How does CCM work?


“55% of organisations have more than 50 tools. 89% of large enterprises have concerns based on lack of visibility and insight into trusted data.”

See what you’re missing

See what you’re missing

Schedule a 30-minute demo to find out how Panaseer can help you improve your cybersecurity posture and regulatory exposure by:

  • Uncovering previously unknown assets and missing controls
  • Prioritising vulnerabilities based on business impact
  • Reducing the time your team spends on manual reporting
  • Aligning metrics to any security framework
  • Substantiating regulatory compliance

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