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Got a question about Panaseer, Continuous Controls Monitoring or security posture management? You can find a selection of our frequently asked questions below.

What are the practical applications of Panaseer?

Panaseer can be applied to countless security challenges, from asset inventory analysis to regulatory compliance and more. You can find an overview of the many applications of Panaseer over on our How We Help or Solutions pages.

What frameworks can you map to?

We can map to any framework. The frameworks our customers use most often, and available out-of-the-box in the Panaseer platform, are CIS (Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).

Do organizations continue using their security tools if they deploy Panaseer?

Panaseer collects information from your existing security tools and data sources to provide actionable insights. Your other tools will continue to work and can still be used independently of Panaseer.

What is the difference between Panaseer and a typical SIEM tool?

Most SIEM tools are designed to help teams respond to an event that is occurring or has already happened. Our platform identifies gaps in controls coverage, enabling security teams to prevent security events from happening in the first place. Click here to find out how the platform helps security teams adopt a more proactive security posture.

How do you ingest data?

Panaseer uses out-of-the-box connectors which require a service account and password or API key. It’s agentless, so we don’t have to install any additional software.

For sources that are on-prem, we deploy a Secure Data Bridge (SDB) into the customer’s data center to aggregate all on-prem sources and push that data to the cloud. For cloud sources, we can connect directly from the Panaseer cloud SaaS environment.

Which security data sources can Panaseer connect to?

Our platform can connect to any security, IT, or asset-aware data source.

So far, we’ve not encountered a data source that we couldn’t connect to. Our platform connects data sources either on-premises or in the cloud, including those related to people, devices, users, applications and databases.

Can you pull in data from logs if we provide you with JSON files?

Yes. The tool that we use to connect directly to data sources also has a ‘listen’ functionality that can ingest syslog and JSON files.

Why should I buy yet another security tool?

Panaseer is a force multiplier for your existing tool set. It generates actionable security insights by triangulating data from your existing tools to produce more valuable insights than they can generate on individually.

What is the process for becoming a customer?

We have a multistage process that begins with a discovery call, where we discuss your pain points and what you’re looking for.

Once we understand the use cases you have in mind, we’ll demonstrate how our platform could help you achieve your goals and work with you to define your ideal solution.

There are then multiple options available to prove value against predefined success criteria which we’ll be happy to discuss with you.

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