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Panaseer appoints cyber luminary to lead US Operations

December 05, 2017

Sophie Harrison

London and New York, 5 December, 2017: Cyber security analytics company Panaseer today announces that it has appointed James Doggett as its CISO and SVP North America. Doggett will be responsible for leading and expanding Panaseer’s US operation.

Doggett is a renowned leader in cyber security. He previously served as the Chief Technology Risk Officer for AIG, the Chief Security Officer and Chief Technology Risk Officer for Kaiser Permanente and Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase, the division responsible for Security Services IT Risk. He also spent 27 years at Ernst & Young, where he built the company’s cyber security practice from the ground up.

Recent, well-publicized attacks have highlighted that winning in enterprise security is about maintaining good cyber hygiene, which is extremely difficult when the CISO is tasked with protecting thousands of devices, users, servers, applications and new threats emerging on a continuous basis. To date, cyber hygiene has been measured manually – this slow assessment process only yields incomplete, inaccurate, untimely results.

Panaseer solves this by measuring security automatically – it provides an accurate, risk-based understanding of assets, controls, vulnerabilities and threats. The platform easily connects to existing security and IT systems and enriches this data to empower enterprises to address the most important risks and monitor remediation. The company is growing rapidly – so far Panaseer has raised $5.6 million in funding to fuel its international expansion and product development.

Nik Whitfield, CEO, Panaseer, comments:

“Jim is a strategic recruit for Panaseer – as well as providing a seasoned CISO perspective to our product roadmap; he can also speak to current and prospect customers with an unparalleled empathetic perspective. He has spent decades also working at the coalface of security operations and thus truly understands the real world need for our approach and technology. The US is a huge growth market for Panaseer. The formation of our New York office earlier this year gave us a foothold and with James’ experience and expertise, we can go from strength to strength.”

James Doggett, SVP, Panaseer, adds:

“In my previous roles I sorely needed what Panaseer provides. As a CISO you are evaluated on how you can reduce risk from cyber and sustain that reduction. You simply cannot do this without access to the right data and then an automated process – you just end up just flying blind and fire fighting. I considered building my own tool but the complexities involved made it near impossible.

“I was hugely excited to be introduced to Panaseer – it is addressing a massive problem and gap in the cyber market. Moving to a startup was a big step but I am very confident with its proposition and my experience, we can collectively help CISOs all across the US take control of their security posture and ultimately reduce their risk.”