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Improving Ransomware Resilience with the Panaseer platform

Ransomware is the number one cyber threat for enterprises and SMEs, according to the UK’s NCSC (National Cybersecurity Centre). Protection against ransomware requires multi-faceted defence across multiple tools, alongside assurance that the potential impact of an attack will be minimized.

Panaseer helps improve your cybersecurity posture, including your ransomware resilience, by:

  • Giving an accurate measure of security controls that mitigate against ransomware attacks.
  • Helping you enforce security policies across the ransomware attack kill chain.
  • Improving prioritization of resources against the most critical business risks.

Read our short Solution Brief to find out how to improve your ransomware resilience using Panaseer’s Continuous Controls Monitoring platform.

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About the author

Our Ransomware Resilience Solution Brief was written by Product Evangelist, Nick Lines. Nick champions Panaseer’s unique value and ensures we’re helping solve the biggest challenges in cybersecurity.

He’s worked for multinational systems integrators and consultancies in roles including developer, technical sales, and offering management, and previously spent a decade at Microsoft.