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Panaseer 2020 GRC Peer Report

Panaseer 2020 GRC Peer Report

Results from a global survey of GRC leaders within financial services companies reveal concerns on data accuracy, request overload, resource-heavy processes and lack of end-to-end automation.

The key findings of the 2020 GRC Peer Report show that less than half of senior risk and compliance professionals are fully confident that they can fulfil security-related regulatory requests in a timely manner. Even less are ‘very confident’ in the accuracy of the security data they are providing to regulators.

As their access to data from the security team is delayed by lengthy, error-prone manual processes, 93.5% call out for automated risk and compliance reporting, and nearly the same number see value in quantitative security controls assurance reporting.

Find out more in the full 2020 GRC Peer Report.