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Security leaders are still in the dark with asset visibility while a lack of insight is driving control failures.

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Cybersecurity is a strategic priority for large enterprises, yet security leaders are struggling to build confidence in the controls that protect their organisations. The new Panaseer 2022 Security Leaders Peer Report reveals the controls challenge is leading to increased cyber risk, with enterprises lacking visibility into their IT estate despite adopting an increasing number of security tools.

The new research, which is based on a survey of 1,200 security decision-makers in security roles at the VP level and above, found that:

  • 82% of security leaders have been surprised by a security event, incident, or breach which evaded a control they thought was in place.
  • Security teams from big enterprises now have an average of 76 security tools – an increase from 2019 when the average team was grappling with 64 security tools.
  • Databases now top the list of assets that security leaders have least visibility on (27%), which correlates with a sharp rise in ransomware attacks.
  • Security teams spend over half of their time (54%) manually producing reports.
  • This is a sharp increase from 2019 when it was 40%.

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