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Security Asset Management vs Continuous Controls Monitoring

Security Asset Management is just the start with CCM

In this document, we discuss the ways Continuous Controls Monitoring can take Security Asset Management to the next level and help to create a more complete and effective security programme.

In an ever-changing technological environment, security asset management tools provide a level of visibility that is fundamental to IT, security and risk teams. There can be an element of confusion as we discuss the difference between security asset management and Continuous Controls Monitoring because one is a subset of the other.

Let’s draw a parallel to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It begins with a foundation of basic needs and builds up to fulfilment. In this case, security asset management is the basic need and Continuous Controls Monitoring is the fulfilment.

While the benefits of the high-quality inventories made by security asset management tools are clear, Continuous Controls Monitoring elevates the value of these inventories by providing a range of benefits across the IT, security and risk functions.


Key Findings