Simplify insurance applications

Simplify insurance applications

All the data you need to answer complicated cyber insurance questionnaires confidently and accurately provided in one dashboard

Lower your premiums

Lower your premiums

Evidenced reporting gives insurers greater confidence in your security posture, so you get the best possible pricing and the right level of cover

Reduce the risk of a breach

Reduce the risk of a breach

Ensure your existing security tools and controls are properly deployed, so you don’t suffer a preventable breach

Get an independent view of your security tools and controls effectiveness by combining all your security data in a single, trusted platform.

Our cyber insurance dashboard provides real-time evidence on key questions, such as:

  • Are EDR solutions utilised across the organisation on all endpoint devices?
  • Do you vulnerability scan, update and patch infrastructure systems on a regular basis?
  • Do you have a hardened baseline configuration of cloud assets in line with industry standards?
  • Do you provide regular employee awareness training on phishing and social engineering?


Panaseer has allowed us to gain the insight we need into our security controls to always know whether they’re adequately deployed and operating effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The application processes are becoming more difficult, so you might struggle to renew your coverage. Also, are you confident that the answers you provided are correct? If they arent and you are breached, then its likely the insurance company will not pay out on the policy. 

Your SIEM can only tell you about the devices it knows about. Often the SIEM is reporting no problems but doesn’t realise there are systems it doesn’t even know about, perhaps due to shadow IT. Our platform shows where those gaps are, and its better to know this before you apply for insurance otherwise you risk nonpayment when these shadow IT devices cause a breach. 

Security rating services are assessments of your externally observable security profile based on publicly available information. The technology can’t go beyond the firewall and is unable to rapidly update and account for recent events. It’s not designed to provide:

  • An accurate and actionable view into an organisation’s cybersecurity posture from within
  • Out-of-the-box cyber insurance dashboards
  • Deep business contextualisation that will help evidence cyber insurance applications