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Proving you're a safe bet: How to get the cyber insurance your business needs

Both cyber insurers and their potential customers are under increasing pressure. There has been a surge in both the frequency and value of customer claims, which is increased by the insurance industry’s difficulty to accurately assess cyber risk.

As a result, security leaders are facing numerous challenges: insurance premiums are rising, policy coverage is being limited, and insurers are demanding more detailed evidence of a strong security posture.

In this discussion, Charlotte Jupp, Head of Security Performance Management at Panaseer is joined by Nathan Hankin, Senior Cyber Broker, Commercial Risks Solutions, at Aon; and Sean Martin, CISSP and co-founder, ITSPmagazine, to share how security leaders can navigate the complex landscape of cyber insurance.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The factors impacting insurance premiums and the challenges insurers face when assessing cyber risk.
  • How to prove security posture to insurers.
  • How Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) technology can help you secure a reasonable premium.
  • What the future looks like for insurers and customers.
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