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The Time is Ripe for Proactive Security

In this webinar, Scott Crawford from 451 Research, Mike Macintyre from Panaseer, and Rob Hyde from Schroders examine the real impact of failure to take a proactive approach to strategic preparation and protection, four key obstacles that keep organisations from succeeding in pursuing a fireproofing strategy – and how to overcome them, and what does it take to move towards a proactive security approach and the benefits and insight gained.

Cyber attacks continue to wreak havoc. The result for many has been a tacit acknowledgement of this failure in the disproportionate spend on firefighting (monitoring, detection and response), when fireproofing – preparation and protection – may be the more strategic and economically sound investment.

With limited resources, and demands for insight and proof, organisations must move from firefighting to fireproofing and develop a robust, proactive cyber strategy.