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Sparks Webinar: What security leaders need to know about DORA

The Digital Operational Resilience Act, also known as DORA, is now law in EU countries, with enforcement starting January 17, 2025. It aims to ensure that all financial institutions operating in the EU are actively managing the operational risks stemming from their information and communication technology (ICT).

DORA could have a major impact on how CISOs measure and manage their security posture, and also the way they report on ICT risk in the boardroom.

In this Sparks Webinar, Panaseer’s Product Evangelist, Nick Lines, is joined by Annick O’Brien, VP of Operations at CybSafe, to discuss:

  1. What exactly is DORA?
  2. Why does it matter to you as a security leader?
  3. What should you be doing now to prepare for the enforcement deadline?
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