Got a question about Panaseer, Continuous Controls Monitoring or Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management? You can find a selection of our frequently asked questions below.

Are there any devices or data sources that Panaseer cannot connect to or build an automated data feed for?

So far, we’ve not encountered a data source that we couldn’t connect to. Our platform connects to any data source, including people, devices, users, applications and databases.

What frameworks can you map to?

We can map to any framework. The frameworks most commonly used by our customers are CIS and NIST.

What are Business Risk Perspectives?

Business Risk Perspectives is a feature within Panaseer’s Continuous Controls Monitoring platform. It helps security teams to identify, isolate and resolve risks associated with mission-critical parts of their organisation.

Does Panaseer connect to devices or to data sources directly or is it agent-based?

We connect to the IT and security data sources directly. This means that we don’t have to install any additional software.

Do organisations continue using their security tools if they deploy Panaseer?

Panaseer collects information from your existing data sources to provide actionable insights. Your other tools will continue to work and can still be used independently of Panaseer.

Can you pull in data from logs if we provide you with JSON files?

Yes. The tool that we use to connect directly to data sources also has a ‘listen’ functionality that can ingest syslog and JSON files.

What is the difference between Continuous Controls Monitoring and a typical SIEM tool?

Most SIEM tools are designed to help teams respond to an event that is occurring or has already happened. Our platform identifies gaps in controls coverage, enabling security teams to prevent security events from happening in the first place. Click here to find out Continuous Controls Monitoring helps security teams adopt a more proactive security posture.

What is involved in a Proof of Concept (PoC) process?

The proof-of-concept takes four weeks and is designed to introduce you to some of Panaseer’s core functionality. If you decide to go ahead, the work performed during the PoC will seamlessly flow into a fuller customer deployment with no wasted efforts. Get more information on Panaseer’s proof-of-concept.

Can Panaseer connect to data sources in the cloud?

Panaseer can connect to sources that are on-prem or in the cloud.

Is Panaseer hosted on-prem or in the cloud?

We offer SaaS and on-prem deployment options. The majority of our customers choose the SaaS offering.

How do you ingest data?

Panaseer uses out-of-the-box connectors which require a service account and password or API key.

For sources that are on-prem, we deploy a Data Connector Appliance into the customer’s data center to aggregate all on-prem sources and push that data to the cloud. For cloud sources, we can connect directly from the Panaseer cloud SaaS environment.

Why should I buy yet another security tool?

Panaseer is a force multiplier for your existing tool set. It generates actionable security insights by triangulating data from your existing tools to produce more valuable insights than they can generate on their own.

Which security data sources can Panaseer connect to?

Our platform can connect to any security data source. We have some (but not all) featured on our Connectors page. If you would like to know if a specific data source can be added to Panaseer, please get in touch.

How do I become a customer? What is the process?

We have a multistage process that begins with a demo. From there we can move into our proof of concept stage where we will conduct detailed scoping sessions to find the best approach to meet your use cases. To learn more about each stage of the process visit our Becoming a customer page.

What are the practical applications of Panaseer and Continuous Controls Monitoring?

Panaseer can be applied to countless security challenges, from asset inventory analysis to regulatory compliance and more. You can find an overview of the many applications of Panaseer over on our Use cases page.

See what you’re missing

See what you’re missing

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  • Aligning metrics to any security framework
  • Substantiating regulatory compliance

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