Briefing: Modern CISOs use Data to Improve Enterprise Cyber Hygiene and Reduce Risk

Discover how automating manually-intensive operations can help Risk and Security teams improve their organisation’s Security Risk Posture by bringing all security data into one unified framework.

Most CISOs pride themselves on ‘having every security tool’. The problem comes when nothing joins all of the data from the tools into one place. By solving the data challenge and moving to a risk-based approach, modern CISOs can find better solutions, solving the basics of Enterprise Cyber Hygiene.

“Security cannot opt-out of running their teams as efficiently as possible when all the other parts of the company are being compelled to do so.”

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Briefing: Modern CISOs use Data to Improve Enterprise Cyber Hygiene and Reduce Risk
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Consolidation of the relevant data sounds easy but has proven to be much more difficult than anticipated. Bringing data together from disparate security and other tools and unifying/normalising that data is not easy and can be very time-consuming.

The essential game changer is enhancing the data with other inputs such as line-of-business details, geography and criticality to the company giving you a richer, fuller picture. That data process is a challenge, but if prudent decisions on what and what not to fix are to be made it is critical to have the right information to prioritise effectively.

It’s not about fixing everything but fixing the right things that most reduce the risk for the dollar/ pound, and you can’t identify those areas without the consolidation of data.

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