Prioritise your business-critical risks

Most enterprises will have countless known and unknown risks on their network, but they rarely have a way of deciding which to tackle first.

Panaseer helps you identify, isolate and resolve risks associated with mission-critical parts of the business. It can also provide a view of all the business processes, units, locations and asset types associated with those risks, including devices, applications, people, accounts and databases.

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Business Risk Perspectives for CCM

Technology powers all facets of the enterprise but it is hard to relate the relevant security risks to different areas of your business. 

To properly identify risk, security teams need to isolate and identify applications associated with particular business processes, as well as the interrelationships between assets – whether that is the infrastructure that supports the applications (devices, databases) or the people and accounts that interact with them. 

Business Risk Perspectives, an element of Panaseer’s CCM platform, provides a continuous view of the risks associated with the most mission-critical processes. 

Business Risk Perspectives for CCM
Every security team operates in a unique business environment, with unique risks, regulatory pressures and internal perspectives. Security measurements and data need to be shown in customised, contextual and concise ways that allow audiences to make effective decisions about the risks they manage.
Andrew Jaquith
Cyber Veteran and author of ‘Security Metrics: Replacing Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt’

How Business Risk Perspectives helps
security and risk teams

  • Identify, group, analyse and segment risks associated with mission-critical parts of the business
  • Align risk management to frameworks, regulations and internal policy
  • Reduce the time required to produce stakeholder reports and security metrics


Business Risk Perspectives is unique to CCM

91% of security leaders say Continuous Controls Monitoring would have significant or substantial positive impact on their ability to proactively identify, prioritize, and remediate risk.
Forrester - Cybersecurity Requires Controls Monitoring To Ensure Complete Asset Protection, 2019

Create customisable risk groupings

Group and analyse risks associated with specific business processes, functions, locations, systems with PII or any other type of custom segmentation.

Align risk to any security framework

Align risk reporting to any framework, such as NIST and CIS, or your own internal policies.

Report at any level of granularity

Create customisable reports for different stakeholders featuring different levels of detail.




See what you’re missing

See what you’re missing

Schedule a 30-minute demo to find out how Panaseer can help you improve your cybersecurity posture and regulatory exposure by:

  • Uncovering previously unknown assets and missing controls
  • Prioritising vulnerabilities based on business impact
  • Reducing the time your team spends on manual reporting
  • Aligning metrics to any security framework
  • Substantiating regulatory compliance

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