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Panaseer Appoints Security Analytics Guru as Chief Scientist

January 27, 2015

Sophie Harrison

Here at Panaseer we continue to build our expert team by bringing on Mike MacIntyre, formerly the cyber and fraud analytics guru at BAE Systems. At BAE Systems, Mike built and led the security analytics team which developed behavioural analytics to identify APT and Insider threats. He has a career in industry combining data analytics for both financial fraud and cyber security, working in the main for the world’s largest commercial organizations.

As Chief Scientist at Panaseer, Mike is responsible for researching, experimenting and applying computational and analytical techniques to derive new insights in cyber security. In particular Mike will lead the development of the Panaseer’s cyber security instrumentation. Mike holds a PhD and MSc in Astrophysics from the University of Sussex, as well as a BSc in Physics from the University of St. Andrews.

Mike MacIntyre, Chief Scientist said: “The opportunity to join Panaseer was one I couldn’t pass up. Data driven security is a field that is only now starting to gain traction around the world, and so joining a UK cyber security start-up that has the skills and experience to bring information security and big data analytics together is very exciting. Businesses lack the instrumentation they need to make informed decisions about their exposure to cyber risks. However, the data they need already resides within the organization and at Panaseer we want to help empower security leaders by unlocking that data.”

When Mike isn’t researching the derivation of practical cyber risk metrics and anomaly detection techniques, he likes to think of himself as Panaseer’s answer to Mo Farah. You’ll often find him pounding the streets around Panaseer Labs as he trains for the 2015 London Marathon where he will be running in support of the Tadworth Children’s Trust. It’s not completely altruistic as Mike needs to find some way to balance the effects of his other love, beer!

Panaseer is an innovative cyber technology start-up which cuts through the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) by helping security leaders to answer the CEO’s question, ‘How secure are we?”

The Panaseer instrument aims to provide the insight needed to understand cyber security risk in real time through an intuitive, executive friendly interface. It uses the most advanced big data techniques to derive cyber metrics from live organizational data. This real time data driven approach is repeatable and consistent, giving security leaders and executives information they need, when they need it.