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Panaseer CEO joins PM David Cameron in Washington cybersecurity talks

January 16, 2015

Sophie Harrison

Panaseer’s CEO, Nik Whitfield, is in Washington DC with Prime Minister David Cameron discussing cyber security with counterparts from US government and industry. Panaseer was selected to travel after being identified by the UK Government as one of the leading UK innovators in cyber security technology.

In a statement released today the Prime Minister commented that,

“The UK is already leading the way in cyber security and this government is committed to ensuring it continues to be a leader in this multi-billion dollar industry.That’s why on this trip I’m showcasing some of the leading UK cyber security companies including Panaseer from London who will have the chance to meet investors and build their business in the US.”

Nik commented on the UK’s assets in cyber security, “The UK has world leading capabilities in cyber security products and services. We have some of the brightest minds in the world working on new and innovative ways of protecting people and companies from the kind of hacking attacks that we’ve seen with Sony, JP Morgan and Target. We’re fortunate to have some of those bright minds working for Panaseer, where we’re helping CEOs to answer that all important question, “How secure are we?” Let’s face facts, this is going to get worse before it gets better, and we want to help business leaders continue to make positive business decisions as the cyber security whirlwind grows. We believe that you can’t manage what you can’t measure – Panaseer aims to provide senior executives with the barometer for cyber risk.”

The US trip includes closed door meetings with top US government officials and commercial meetings with major US security vendors and financial services organizations. Nik continues, “The US is the most attacked nation on earth, and represents the largest and most important market for cyber security technologies. This trip offers Panaseer an opportunity to extend our existing relationships with major US corporations, in particular with the major banks. It also offers unique access to key government decision makers; we’re grateful to the UK government for creating this platform to engage the United States.”