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Panaseer’s Security Data Scientist Leila Powell reveals 7 sins of security metrics

April 19, 2018

Sophie Harrison

Great article for anyone struggling with data.  Leila Powell shares the 7 Sins….

If you are at the water cooler muttering “But that’s EXACTLY the graph they asked for.” Enter SIN#1… “Get me a plot of x versus y, colour-coded by z!” They sounded so sure when they asked you, so you created what they wanted, showed it to them, and they hated it. Ok, a bit melodramatic. But in my experience, building the metrics people ask for rarely delivers the insight they want. Why? Often, when someone asks for a metric, they are in the process of working out if there’s value in a question they’d like to ask of their data. Until they see the result, they don’t know if the output will give them what they’re after; AKA the “I’ll know it when I see it” problem…

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