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Delivering Enterprise Security Through Continuous Monitoring

August 26, 2020

The Panaseer Team

A recent survey from Forrester revealed that this very abundance of technological investments leaves security teams reeling with how to cobble together data from disparate systems to truly understand their organization’s cybersecurity posture. This is a very reactive, labor-intensive, and not easily scalable approach.

Security leaders are understandably looking for new technology and tools to improve their cybersecurity posture, but an evolving threat landscape, compliance, and regulatory hurdles coupled with limited budget and resources make it tedious to effectively implement the best measures.

Before launching Panaseer, CEO Nik Whitfield and his founding team were building advanced threat detection tools at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, an international business and technology consulting firm. It was here that they observed a majority of the businesses were mature in their cybersecurity methodologies, had cutting-edge technologies, and great talent to handle them. What they tended to lack was visibility into their own IT and security systems. They noticed a need for a platform that could unify IT and security data, establish total visibility, and automate the reporting processes. And thus, was born a new tool for enterprise security, Panaseer’s Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) Platform.

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