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Who steals personal data and how do they make money from it?

December 05, 2018

Martina Molinari

In his latest commentary for Sky News Panaseer’s CEO, Nik Whitfield emphasised the importance of proactive security: “When it comes to data breaches, it’s not a case of if but when, so the priority must be ensuring you have adequate defences in place”.

Last Friday, up to half a billion customers of a Marriott-owned hotel chain were informed their data dating back to 2014 had been stolen. Another 100 million users of Q&A website Quora were told that hackers had made away with their data, the company admitted on Monday.

Sky News and cyber risk business Digital Shadows were unable to find this specific stolen data being sold on the dark web. However on a variety of marketplaces vendors were offering what they claimed were accounts on Amazon, AirBnB, and a range of retail stores.

The sale of these data sets usually takes place after the attackers have attempted to use it to make money themselves…

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