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Using data to enhance your enterprise cyber hygiene

July 09, 2018

The Panaseer Team

We are very excited to have our own Jim Doggett included in the first edition of Intelligent CISO discussing the importance of Cyber Hygiene and data. This new magazine, brought to you by Lynchpin Media, is dedicated to the role of the Chief Information Security Officer. The new 90-page magazine will be a complete guide to the latest developments in the sector and will be specially tailored for the increasingly important role of CISO.

Jim talks about how maintaining control over data is vital for its protection and enterprises are becoming aware that they must step back and look at how they might enhance cyber hygiene processes. Managing data as efficiently as possible is important for business development, something of which Jim Doggett, US VP and CISO at Panaseer, is a strong advocate.

You can view the publication here: Intelligent CISO Issue 1.