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Panaseer meets Jonathan Gill: Our new CEO on his first day on the job

January 07, 2021

Jonathan Gill

Talk about ‘new year, new start’! We are thrilled to welcome Jonathan Gill, our new CEO, to the Panaseer family. See in his words how he feels about joining the company.

I am so excited to join Panaseer and to officially start working with a team that’s bursting with talent. They have done a phenomenal job in pioneering the Continuous Controls Monitoring category and proving the market. They have taken the risks and made the smart choices. The opportunity is now to build upon this foundation.

My career in security and data has spanned over 25 years. during this time, I have been very fortunate to work with some fantastic leaders and successful businesses. That said, I have never been more excited to start a role than I am now with Panaseer. It’s the most informed choice I have ever made.

Not only do I have an opportunity to solve a hugely important problem for customers in the market, but I get to do it with a team whose high values and commitment are second-to-none.

So, what has excited me the most? Firstly, I think Panaseer has done a great job developing its people, culture, and values. For me, that’s fundamental. you can have the best product in the world, but if you aren’t inspired by the people you work with and look forward to working with them, then it’s all for naught. Panaseer’s people are its greatest asset and everyone is bringing something to the table and owning their contribution.

Secondly, it’s clear that we have the right product at the right time. It solves a huge pain for businesses. I think of it as the ‘platform of platforms’. In a world where technology is continuously changing, Panaseer is a constant. It enables security, IT and risk teams to stop floundering in the dark and finally switch the lights on.

You know you have something special when the direction of technology and market aligns. Having been in a similar position at other companies, I have learned that this stage of a company’s growth is where I can bring tremendous value,. The key is smart execution to build predictable, repeatable and sustainable business.

My ambition is for Panaseer to become the de facto standard in security measurement. As the water level rises, I am committed to ensuring everyone in the Panaseer team has an opportunity to grow and develop along the journey. I believe success will be enabled by staying true to our values and keeping our promises to each other and our customers.

When you focus on making clients succeed personally and ensure that your technology enables them to meet business goals, you change the conversation to one that is completely value-focused. I personally thrive in a culture of clarity and accountability, where we make and keep thoughtful promises to our customers and to each other. We dig deep and go the extra mile to keep those promises.

In security I see so many companies making exaggerated claims and promises. I chose Panaseer as the place where we can look our customers in the eye and make a clear commitment to make them successful. That’s what we do. When you achieve that, the sky is the limit. I really feel that Panaseer has just scratched the surface of the global opportunity for its platform and I cannot wait to get started.