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Panaseer Calls for Metrics at UK Payments Council Cyber Seminar

November 01, 2014

Sophie Harrison

Panaseer CEO, Nik Whitfield, presented a call to action at the UK Payments Council Cyber Security Seminar 2014. Speaking on the need for improved cyber risk metrics, he said, “We can now use data science to answer the CEO’s all important question, “How secure are we?”.

“We can’t manage what we can’t measure. At the moment the data and tools available for senior management and security leaders to understand cyber security risk are either non-existent or weak. Our research is finding that Big Data approaches can now enable us to calculate cyber risk profiles from raw organization data – this real time, automated approach has to be the choice for providing cyber security instrumentation in the future.”

“By taking a quantitative approach to security metrics, we can allow businesses to better understand their risk profile and therefore make more informed, positive business decisions. Using Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, we can quantify cyber security risk exposure and therefore understand our security ROI and understand the impact of business change.”