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Crossing the CAASM: Panaseer featured in Hype Cycle for Network Security

August 09, 2021

The Panaseer Team

In the space of a year, Panaseer has been featured as an inaugural vendor for pioneering two new Gartner Hype Cycle categories. The latest is Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM).

In July 2020 Panaseer was featured as an inaugural vendor in the new category of Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) for Risk Management. Within a year’s time, we are now thrilled to be included as an inaugural vendor in the new category of Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) for Network Security.  

CAASM brings together cyber asset management and vulnerability analysis, creating a trusted cyber asset inventory that enables IT and security teams to more efficiently identify control gaps and prioritise remediation efforts.

What is CAASM?

Gartner describes Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) as ‘an emerging technology focused on enabling security teams to solve persistent asset visibility and vulnerability challenges,’ while CCM measures and evaluates overall organisational security control effectiveness to advise on underperforming controls. 

It’s a testament to our remarkable customers and an innovative data science approach to security that industry experts recognise the impact of better understanding the basics of cybersecurity – whether that’s through monitoring and assuring your security controls or improving visibility in asset and vulnerability management. 


Why is Cyber Asset Management so important?

The value of CAASM lies in: 

  • Getting full and persistent visibility into an organisation’s device asset attack surface. 
  • Quicker and more accurate audit and compliance reporting. 
  • Access to consolidated asset views for multiple stakeholders and purposes across the organisation. 
  • Uncovering and gaining security visibility into shadow IT. 


The Cyber Asset Management challenge

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management is replacing manual and time-consuming collection and consolidation of device asset inventory data. Understanding the assets in the organisation is fundamental for IT security. The old adage rings true: ‘you can’t protect what you don’t know’.  

But there is also the important element of context. In an article on measuring asset inventory, security analytics expert Raffael Marty explained that almost everything you measure that’s related to security must be put within context of the assets or devices in your environment: ‘If there are 100 vulnerable devices on our network, is that good or bad? If you have 100,000 devices, it’s good. If you 102 devices, it’s really bad.’ 


Combining CAASM and CCM

Both emerging technologies, Continuous Controls Monitoring and CAASM, go hand-in-hand. CAASM helps organisations understand the existing attack surface, and CCM identifies and advises on corresponding underperforming controls, and the specific metrics, policies, and thresholds that should be used to measure them.  

As an experienced CISO and security metrics expert, David Fairman said in an article about controls coverage metrics and how they relate to CCM: ‘If there are control gaps or failures, you have exposure and that’s where the incidents are most likely going to occur.’ 

Combined, CAASM and CCM provide visibility into the total cyber exposure of an organisation and give security teams confidence that their controls are in place and working. This provides a comprehensive view across all areas of security, aligned to any framework, and with a continuous view of current status against both internal and external policies.

The below diagram illustrates how we see the new CAASM and CCM categories advancing an organisation’s security programme.

Total cyber exposure with CAASM and CCM diagram

“The new CAASM and CCM categories are the cornerstones of a mature and effective security program. They provide a foundation for better understanding an organization’s security posture and total cyber exposure. Implementing these new emerging technologies will put organizations in a stronger position to protect themselves, prioritize their internal security efforts, and view security contextualized to the business.” says Panaseer’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sean Goldstein. 

Gartner clients can read the entire Hype Cycle for Network Security, 2021 report here