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London CyberCount: financial services orgs talk cybersecurity metrics

February 09, 2015

Sophie Harrison

Financial Services organizations from across the UK, Europe and the US congregated in London to discuss cyber security metrics last week. Panaseer hosted the private two day workshop, ‘CyberCount’, to provide a forum where the major banks and other financial services firms could share best practice and learn about innovation in the measurement of cyber security risk.

The event was attended by a number of the world’s leading financial services organizations, many flying in top security experts to share their views and hear from leading industry experts. Common themes emerged from the event which indicate an ever increasing need for institutions to understand their cyber security posture:

-An increasing regulatory and audit challenge means security teams must regularly provide increased levels of detail and transparency when reporting the state of their cyber security posture.

-The technical platforms which have typically been used to provide these metrics and measurements are beginning to struggle as more sophisticated and larger scale needs arise.

-Firms are recognising that a mis-match in the rate of evolution of hackers TTP (Tools, Techniques and Procedures) and their own defences, means that early collaboration with technology vendors is essential in making more relevant products available sooner.

A permanent CyberCount forum where members can share knowledge and best practice on cyber security metrics has been established as a result of this event.